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Everything Amish is hot right now. From their well-crafted cabinets to reality shows like Amish Mafia and the Breaking Amish franchise, America is mildly-obsessed with the Amish way of life, and now, a familiar face is going deep into the heart of Amish country to raise some This show won’t just be about hammers, nails, and handsaws, though: Van Winkle will also learn what it’s like to be a part of the guarded and humble Amish community, immersing himself in their culture, dressing as they do and living as they live. Here’s Van Winkle on his experience filming the show. Getting the opportunity to live with and learn from the best, top-notch craftsmen in the world – the Amish – I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that! This family took me under their wing and let me into their lives and for that I will be forever grateful. This is also his second time roughing it in front of the cameras.

Exclusive Sneak Peek! The World of Dating on ‘Amish Mafia’

When Jesse was introduced to Brian on Facebook, she thought she’d hit the jackpot. Brian is a former Marine, a true gentleman, and handsome to boot. They made plans to meet and Jesse drove hundreds of miles to see him, but Brian never showed up and stopped answering her calls.

On Tuesday’s return episode, Merlin makes a dangerous “foot soldier” on the Discovery Channel series.

This article is updated frequently as Netflix adds new original titles; several more recent titles may be missing. Netflix has spent the last few years and several billions of dollars on a crusade to be taken more seriously. The second film they released was the one where a donkey explosively sharts all over Adam Sandler. These days, Netflix is made up of a fair amount of movies that attain mere forgettability instead of outright awfulness. Below, we attempt to rank every single Netflix original movie ever made excluding documentaries, in the interest of this list remaining … bingeable.

Unranked: Cam In this cyber-thriller, the commonplace annoyances of working on the Internet — getting back in to a locked account, dealing with trolls, thirsting for numerical affirmations of your output — assume an uncanny existential terror in league with the eldritch fever dreams of David Lynch. Go-getter cam girl Alice Madeline Brewer, reinforcing the Lynch comparison with a star-making performance that channels both Naomi Watts and Laura Harring starts to unravel after she sees someone broadcasting from her channel using her name and her face, who is nonetheless not her.

Her frantic maneuvers to secure her livelihood and sense of self climax in a semiotically loaded grand finale that can stand up to the most chilling setpieces of the new millennium. Oh, Ramona! The American studio system has safeguards in place to prevent content this sexist, this repugnant, this hysterically deluded about its own rightness to ever reach the public.

Fox 29 anchor Kerry Barrett opens up about her miscarriages

Controversy has erupted over Oxygen’s new in-development reality series All My Babies’ Mamas , which stars rapper Shawty Lo, who has fathered 11 children by 10 different mothers. But as bad as All My Babies’ Mamas might be, can it really compete with the very worst that reality television has to offer? Here, 10 of the dumbest, grossest, most offensive reality TV shows ever aired:.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for the rapper boyfriend of Amish Mafia star Esther Schmucker, who allegedly brutalized his actress.

Those were the good old days when people were worried enough about the imminent cultural imposition of reality TV to make mainstream movies about it. The concepts behind these shows-within-a-movie were relatively straightforward: watch a dude live. Reality TV has come a long way since: never satisfied with reality, it evolves in its desperation to mine and embellish obscurer and obscurer realities.

In competing with other shows, it plunges into the depths of mind-numbing surrealism. Here are the strangest, most convoluted, yet somehow the most beguilingly reduced realities the genre has presented on television:. How would you feel if, totally unexpectedly, your home got raided by a group of armed police officers, and those officers began an antagonistic interrogation, and midway through, after noting how weird it was that these obvious rookies were followed by a camera crew, you realized the cops were La Toya Jackson and Jack Osbourne?

Not just a show about celebrities or cops, this was a show about D-list celebrities becoming cops. So was it, in fact, a searing satire of the American police state and the corruptibility of law-enforcing institutions?

The best Joaquin Phoenix movies to watch, according to fans

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reality series All My Babies’ Mamas, which stars rapper Shawty Lo, who has Amish Mafia (present) Dating in the Dark ().

First we decided we weren’t going to talk about it. It’s painful. One of things I’ve heard is isolation is the worst part of going through a miscarriage, and I wanted other women to know that there’s someone else going through it. At one point during our talk, Barrett seemed to choke up a bit and apologized, struggling with her words. The Barretts have one daughter, Avery , who is about to turn 3.

Barrett said she is so grateful that she has Avery, but she and her husband envisioned two siblings to join her. Get the news you need to start your day. Barrett said that although every woman miscarries for a different reason, the feelings afterward are shared: isolation, frustration and a lack of answers. She hopes her report will at least remedy the idea that couples are alone in this, and doing the report had its own therapeutic elements.

Every Netflix Original Movie, Ranked

Subscriber Account active since. Joaquin Phoenix , who is currently an Oscar nominee for his lead performance in ” Joker ,” went from being a child actor in movies like ” Parenthood ” to starring in well-received arthouse films such as ” The Master ” and ” Her. However, some of his roles have better received by viewers and critics than others. Here are all of the movies that Phoenix has appeared in, ranked according to audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes.

Suzanne Somers as girl in car – “American Graffiti” stars: Where are they. American GraffitiHot RodsSuzanne Amish Mafia. she cleans up a little and is dating a rapper now lol Damaged goods, no thanks. SerendipityAmish Mafia.

Police have arrested the rapper boyfriend of Amish Mafia star Esther Schmucker, who allegedly brutalized his actress girlfriend in an attack on Halloween. Schmucker, who stars in the Discovery Channel TV documentary-drama, has previously filed at least three restraining orders against her boyfriend. Williams, who also goes by the stage name Mirkat and is from Strasburg, Pa. Police were alerted to the incident by hospital officials after Shmucker arrived for treatment for a broken nose, a facial fracture and numerous broken teeth.

Shmucker was reluctant to discuss what had happened with the medical staff, initially saying that her attacker was female, according to Lancaster Online. She then went into Strasburg police station three days later and officially reported the brutal assault , and pointed the finger at her significant other. Schmucker told officers she was afraid to tell medical personnel who had beaten her because Williams stayed with her as she was being treated.

Candice Klase, a roommate of Schmucker, has provided a written statement to police, saying that Williams wouldn’t leave Schmucker’s side. It was “like he was guarding her,” she said. In the PFA petitions filed this summer, Schmucker maintains Williams sexually assaulted her, beat her and threatened to kill her several times.

Imir Williams is accused of breaking her nose, teeth and cheekbones. Edit Delete. Share on Facebook.

‘Amish Mafia’ Star Severely Beaten by Boyfriend, Warrant Issued for His Arrest

Well, a passion for craftmanship for starters — but not of the musical variety. More recently, he’s been charting success in the renovation realm by purchasing, remodelling and selling homes, not to mention documenting renos on “The Vanilla Ice Project. They’ll build anything you want. They have great ‘MacGyver’ skills. That’s what we call them back at the lab back in Florida,” he added, a reference to the ’80s TV character who could make inventive items out of everyday materials.

You can do it with mortar, you can do it 10 different ways, but you’ve got to fix it, so let’s see how good your real carpentry skills are.

Announcer / ‘ZZ Top’ Rabbi / ATF Men / Acne Worker #2 / Acrobat Host / Actor #1 #2 / Alive Character #1 / Allen Wrench / Alligator / Ambulence Driver / Amish Man Bowler #8 / Boxer / Boy Who Works at the Library / Boyfriend in Movie / Brandt Man / Guidopolis Cashier / Guillermo / Guiseppe / Guy in Flash Mob / Guy in.

He is totally alone. He is 3 million light years from home. Otherwise known as the Amish. Our objective was to film a scene in which we would outfit ourselves as urban hooligans and chase O. Were O. I like E. I like the Amish. Being Swiss German, O. And gesturing to a passing carriage harboring an Amish family. On the outskirts of a township called Intercourse, we rounded a corner and there before us, perched on a hillside, framed by black shutters and a serpentine driveway, sat a whitewashed farmhouse and a field of harvested crops, just like a post card.

‘Amish Mafia’ star sentenced for car chase that injured trooper

By Ted Thornhill. Rapper Imir R. Williams – who also goes by the stage name Mirkat — has pleaded guilty to beating a star of the TV series Amish Mafia. Williams admitted on Thursday to assaulting and stalking girlfriend Esther Schmucker, who appears on the Discovery Channel show based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Authorities say Williams repeatedly punched Schmucker on October 31 at her Strasburg home and broke her nose, cheekbone and several teeth.

Bing: More about Lebanon Levi | ‘Amish Mafia’Want more TV? overweight dude named Steve Williams, who&#;is actually an actor. “Dating in the Dark” (ABC)Now there’s an idea: Get six Dutch citizens to about rapper Shawty Lo’s many offspring from 11 different mothers, never actually aired.

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‘Amish Mafia’ Star Esther Opens Up About Being Victim of Shocking Domestic Violence

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Rapper Shawty Lo had 11 children with 10 different women and may now Controversy has erupted over Oxygen’s new in-development reality series All My Babies’ Mamas, which stars rapper Shawty Lo, Amish Mafia (present) Less gross than stupid, ABC’s short-lived Dating in the Dark invited.

The media is already obsessed with the love lives of famous people, and when one person in a celebrity relationship has done jail time, it can mean big news for most entertainment websites and broadcasts. After all, everyone deserves a second chance, and some of these famous criminals have made a conscious effort to turn their lives around. Here are 12 of your favorite celebrities who married their wives or husbands, even though they were criminals. Rapper Papoose stuck with his wife, fellow rapper Remy Ma, while she was behind bars for an altercation that involved her shooting a former friend in the stomach.

It looks like Remy has really turned her life around, and is happy to be back home with her husband and children. While you may not recognize Esther Schmucker right away, she may ring familiar as part of the Amish Mafia. Esther has significantly changed her look, and caught the attention of rapper Imir Williams. The two were in a relationship—but on Halloween of , Schmucker had to press charges against him and file three protection orders to keep him away from her.

Reportedly, Williams assaulted Schmucker, and she wanted to make sure that she was safe from any further danger. When actress Sandra Bullock started dating Jesse James and eventually married him, most people were pretty surprised. When the couple was pulled over one night, Christina switched seats with Matthew so that he could take the DUI charges.

Aguilera was then taken into custody for public intoxication. She has stated that, in hindsight, she should have known that Tyson had some anger issues, but she was in love at the time.

The 50 Most Surreal Premises in Reality-TV History

Williams, at their home in Stasburg, Pennsylvania. An arrest warrant has been issued for Williams, who allegedly hit Schmucker so bad that he broke her nose, teeth, and cheekbones. Schmucker previously filed three protection-from-abuse orders against Williams but never followed up with the court system, so they were all dismissed. She told police that Williams repeatedly hit her on October 31, causing her serious injury.

“Amish Mafia” star Esther Schmucker was reportedly beaten by her boyfriend, rapper Imir R. Williams, at their home in Stasburg, Pennsylvania. Schmucker, who stars on “Amish Mafia,” is described on the series as “a.

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Jolin and his Intimidating Tattoos

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